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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Million Dollar Loner"- Money Success Does Not Equal Life Success

I told I you I would go in another direction...ready?

"Million Dollar Listing"

I hate to admit this, however I am a huge fan of reality shows.  Mostly because I have a very stressful job and it helps me to zone out and forget real life for a moment.  Also, I find them hilarious.

This particular one really touched a heart string form me.  This show is about Realtors in New York and this particular episode happened during Hurricane Sandy.

One realtor Ryan lives alone.  When Sandy hits he tries to wait it out.  He has no food (are any of us prepared for that?) Shit I should be I live in Houston! He has no electricity and is forced to leave.  There is a scene where he is making calls to anyone and everyone he knows to get help.  Turns out, he realizes he has no significant relationships.  He is a typical workoholic.  He says something touching at the end of the episode when he returns to New York after staying with his parents, "I realized I have no significant relationships.  And it's my fault because I work all the time." Then in the next episode he is right back to where he was completely forgetting all that.  How many of us are like that? Really, life is unpredictable.  I realized a year ago when I got in an almost fatal car accident in downtown Houston.  By the absolute grace of God I survived but since that day I have never taken one day of my life for granted because I feel like every day and moment and breath is a blessing.  When I call my friends or my family, they pick up or call me back ASAP.  That's because since that accident I have put all I have in my personal relationships because I realized that day this life is empty without them.

Going away note: the people in your life make your life worth living for.  Don't neglect them, choose them wisely and nurture them the best you know how.  Because when shit hits the fan (weather, injury, illness-cancer, or unemployment) you will be GLAD you did.  They will be your rescuers and will keep your life happy and meaningful.  Just say'in!

Keep the love alive,

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