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Monday, July 15, 2013

Find Your Therapy

It's Monday, I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

I experimented a little this last weekend.  When a relationship ends and you no longer have the emotional support or excitement from it, suddenly long periods of time like weekends become intimidating.  I found that if I didn't keep myself busy I would end up obsessing about the relationship.  Not healthy for anyone.

This weekend I decided to, well, do me.  The second I would get a destructive thought pop into my head I would get busy doing something.  Anything.  Yes, we have all heard that it's the best way to move on.  For me it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought.

Step #1: Dinner Solo

I went out to my favorite restaurant for dinner, by myself.  Yes it was a little hard to sit there on the patio a lone, however it soon became really nice and relaxing.  With help from my smart phone of course.  I was able to catch up on Facebook and text some friends.  When I left I realized that just because I am single doesn't mean I have to give up the the things I love that make me who I am.

Step #2: Beach Therapy

The beach is where I have always found happiness and a peace I just don't get anywhere else.  My best childhood memories took place at the beach.  I love the smell of the salt water, the humid air, the sand and the sound of the seagulls.  When I look out over the waves and the ocean it is humbling and reminds me how small I really am and in turn makes my problems seem a lot smaller too.  It's impossible for me to not appreciate my life and be renewed there.  I slept in, threw on my bathing suit, packed up my dog and headed out.  That's the nice thing about living in downtown Houston, Galveston is all of 45 minutes away.  I really have no excuse to go as little as I do.  Off Dylan and I went and it turned out to be one of the best days I have had in awhile.  And the kicker is, I had a great time with just me and my dog.  It was a huge step for me and after yesterday I know now that I am finally okay on my own again.

Step #3: Travel Solo

I am attending a conference in Amsterdam for bloggers, Sept. 30-Oct 1.  Come! I am so excited.  Amsterdam is definitely on my travel list, I am 30 and if I don't start my travel now I never will.  What better place to kick off the start of the travel list? Check out the link, there are many talented bloggers going who I can't wait to meet.  I think traveling changes you in a way nothing else does and I am so excited to get going.  I have decided that being single is freedom and not a repressive thing that society would like you to believe.  It's all in your perspective, and I am going to make the best of it.  Cheers!

Find Your Therapy

Therapists are great even though they cost a small fortune.  They are wonderful for the venting stage when you just want to get it all out and don't want to drive your friends away.  However there comes a point when the bitching has to stop and it's time to do something about it.  Then, your therapist can hold you accountable sure but they will likely tell you what you already know to do.  You just haven't had the strength or willingness to do it yet.  The first step is the hardest, it was hard to make myself get out of bed and pack up the dog for the beach.  But once I got there, it was more than worth it.  It also starts a healthy momentum to keep you going in that direction.  Rediscover what it is that makes you tick as a person.  What makes you excited and wakes up that inner confidence from so very deep within.

Keep the art of loving alive,

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