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Saturday, July 6, 2013


Happy Post 4th of July 2013~

I hope everyone had a safe, fun and fulfilling time with family and friends.  I love July 4th, it has all my favorite things: BBQ, beer, and fire :).

The past couple days I haven't been able to stop thinking about this article I read, it was so shocking and interesting to me.  It presented a perspective I never would have considered but now that I have been thinking about it, it really does make sense.  Please read, another short article and my summary just will not do it justice.

There is a girl who lives in my building and I see her everyday on the stairwell enjoying her after work cigarette and daily phone call to her family.  I'm not sure where she is from but she dresses very modestly, she always wears flowy clothes and a head scarf.  I have been thinking about her style of dress more recently because it is summer in Houston and very hot.  More than that I wonder why she chooses to dress this way. It is obvious to me she is alone here and her family is far away.  If she chose to she could dress more "American", if you want to call it that.  Does she do it because it is what she knows and she is more comfortable that way? Or is it a religious preference? I am sure it is a combination of all the above but this article did open my eyes to other reasons women choose to dress modestly.

I thought Lauren's experiment was interesting too in that she stated she did feel more free.  In a way it reminded me of being at summer camp where we all wore our uniforms everyday.  Matching running shorts and tee shirts and all white on Sunday.  It created an equality and made it about who you were and not what you had.  I did feel more free and it was easier to make friends. For her to do this experiment in NYC I'm sure alienated her in some ways because it isn't the norm.  Like she said, it definitely weeds out those superficial people who would normally only give you their time because of your looks or what you have.  It gave her the freedom and confidence to completely be herself without hiding behind designer sunglasses or bags or whatever.

How many of us use those things to almost hide who we are or to actually blend in? I know I do...I definitely don't plan to be rocking a head scarf any time soon, but this article did make me realize that I don't have to look perfect all the time.  I just have to be me and I am no less beautiful or important whether I have a whole face of makeup on or not.

Your weekly WOW!! moment, you're welcome! :)

Keep the art of loving alive.

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