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Thursday, July 11, 2013

What Does Homelessness Mean to You?

Hello and Happy Thursday!

    I love Thursday, it's so close to Friday you can taste it.  Since I have taken a much needed break from dating I don't have all the fun stories I used to have, however I have a feeling there will be some coming soon.  My life has calmed down a lot but it's been really nice believe it or not.

    Well today has been a fun day, I started the process of applying for my passport.  And it is a process.  I actually thought all I had to do was show up at a post office with my drivers license and cash, take the picture and that was it.  Not the case! It turns out there is an application, not surprisingly.  You also need a certified copy of your birth certificate (this takes up to 2 weeks ordered online).  THEN you may go to the approved passport location, in my case it is the downtown library, with your drivers license and cash/check in hand.  Good think I checked it out before I went (I had a feeling it was more complicated than I thought).   It usually is.  Especially when the government is concerned.  However just starting the process is so exciting to me.

Italy or Bust!

  I have always always wanted to go to Europe, Italy to be exact.  I'm not sure why Italy, I have just always been in LOVE with it.  Everything about it.  The food, the people, the architecture, the countryside, the history, the language.  Everything.  I even fantasize about moving there.  It would be my dream come true.  Italy just screams romance to me and we all know what a hopeless romantic I am.  And hey, you gotta stay inspired too.  What could inspire more than Italy? That, I don't have the answer to.

What Does Homelessness Mean to You? 

On a side note I came across this article on homelessness and our perceptions of the homeless.

   It really opened my eyes.  I have heard stories before about how different people became homeless and the thing that I was shocked by was how easily it could happen to any one of us at any time.  It really is just a matter of bad luck and circumstances for some people who never thought it could happen to them.  I always try to keep that in mind when I see someone on the street.  Most of the time I try my hardest not to be judgmental because I don't know their story just like they don't know mine.  It reminds me of the saying, "be kind to every one you meet because you never know what battles they're fighting." It really is so true.  We forget that the grumpy store clerk or customer could be the caregiver for a dying spouse or child.  If you knew that, I'm sure you would be a lot quicker to dismiss their rudeness.

This article spoke to me a lot too regarding our perception of what people are "worth" to our society by what they look like and what they have.  Since when did we become such a materialistic, shallow and vain society (for the most part)? I have seen it reflected in modern pop culture the most.  It is true that the environment we choose to surround ourselves with is eventually how we start to behave and think.  That's just human nature.

Some of it is inescapable for sure and you definitely want to be aware of what is going on in the world and what's trending and popular.  No one wants to live under a rock.  So then what is the answer? I think just be aware of yourself and have a clear idea about the person you want to be and portray.  For me, a getaway to the ruins of Rome and the Italian countryside is a great start. :)

The last thing I want to ask about this whole homelessness argument is, "what does it REALLY mean to be homeless? I think it is different for everyone.  To me, being homeless is being apart from the person I love.  Wherever they are, whether it be in a cardboard box under a bridge, would be home to me because that is where I'm the happiest.  It may not be a brick and mortar building, but where they are is where I belong.  So for me at this point in time I do feel homeless.  I actually feel more transient, on the way to my home I guess.  What is home to you? Is it where your family is? Where your job is? I think it depends on the values of each person.  So really you may know a "homeless" person and not even realize it!!

Something to munch on: Did you know J.Lo, Suze Orman, Jewel, Kelsey Grammer, David Letterman, Halle Berry and Jim Carrey were all homeless at one point? Some for a year or more? Check it!

Keep the art of love alive,
~Cecilia (pronounced 'che-cheelia') l'avventuroso
Yes, I'm already practicing.  Gotta be authentic, right? Let's all pray I actually return from my trip...or maybe not to return wouldn't be such a bad thing...

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